Sunday, January 17, 2010

Equality Ride Training

This summer I went to Soulforce Q Camp. I was selected to go so I could learn to do work within my community even better. My plans for the community work I was going to go has been delayed until further notice but the training did not go to waste. I learned so much at Q Camp. The camp's training focused on Racism and other forms of oppression. We also learned about non-violent activism, community planning, fund raising, and religious analysis. All this training will prove helpful for the Equality Ride.

Of course, the Equality Ride is providing training too. I got back this week from the first round of training. It was held January 5 - 13. Although I now feel slightly terrified about all that is to come, I also know this is what I am meant to be at this point in time. The Equality Ride Training was so many things to me.

The Equality Ride Training was people. I finally got to meet the people I'd be riding with face-to-face. My fellow Equality Riders are even better in person then on facebook or the soulforce blurbs could ever show them to be. (Check out the other riders at: I know that the people I'll be riding with are going to be friends that will be important and cherished for the rest of my life. I have already leaned so much from the other riders and the leaders. I cannot wait to see how I will grow and how we will grow together!

The Equality Ride Training was God and the Bible. Micah and Brian, two former Equality Riders came and taught "Bible bootcamp." The first day was so nice, we basically did a Bible study together for several hours. It was the first time in years that I remembered why I called myself a Christian for so many years. I am really excited that we will have bible studies on the ride. We also worked on preparing ourselves for questions that students will ask us about the Bible and being queer.

The Equality Ride Training was Anti-oppression. The queer movement has often been a racist and classist movement. Soulforce Q works to make sure that the work were doing benefits all people. We did readings on different forms of oppression, activities, lectures and discussions. I have been learning so much and I am realizing more and more that I have so much to learn. Also, all the learning I can do is never going to be the same as walking in the shoes of those being oppressed. I must continue to learn and work to end oppression for all.

The Equality Ride Training was an amazing start to journey only just begun.

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WOW bible studies eh? God loves you and I do too.