Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why the Equality Ride

In 2007, the Soulforce Equality Ride came to Calvin. This one day visit profoundly changed my life. I formed some of the best friendships of my life. I jumped into activism at Calvin. I got involved with Calvin's "GSA". It started as Spectrum and moved to SAGA. I stayed involved with that and got involved with community organizations as well. I interned at GIFT ( and serve on the Board of Directors for GLSEN. Not only was I getting involved in activism, I was doing research. In class, I would connect every topic that I could to LGBT things. I was talking to friends too. The more I researched and talked with friends the more I realized something about myself, I'm not straight. I am pansexual. So what does that even mean? The simplest description I've heard is that I'm attracted to a person, not what's in their pants. Figuring this out took time and talking to loving supporting friends, friends that I made directly (or indirectly) because of the 2007 Equality Ride visit to Calvin.

Before the 07 East bus left Calvin, I told myself that I WOULD be and Equality Rider. Over time and through myself discovery, I knew even more strongly I had to go on the ride. If it weren't for the visit to my school I wouldn't have made my best friends who helped me figure myself out and be ok. I also have come to realize that the world will not change if Christians cannot begin to see me as a human being worth a safe space to learn. Also, many people believe that is impossible for queer people to be a Christian but this assumption is wrong. God's love is big and wide. God cover all people with his love, queer or not, no exceptions. Queer people would not have a safe place to learn if someone did not act. We also will not begin to find love from Christians without people working to educate them. I am not willing to sit by and watch oprresion take place. I am acting by going on the 2010 Equality Ride. I hope I can bring positive change to this world on this ride. I want to bring a message of hope and love to queer people in the schools and communities that I vist.

Here's the thing, this message of hope and love that I'll be bringing to the schools and community is not without cost. There are food costs, travel (both air to the training sites and bus travel across the country), lodging, and more. I have been given the goal of raising $3,500 for the ride. As of today, I've raised $800.10 for the ride. Please consider supporting me by donating 20.10 for the 2010 Equality Ride or with a donation that is personally significant for you.

If you've already donated, consider sharing this request with a friend or too. Also share this blog with people who might be interested in knowing how the ride is going. Also, I'm gonna need y'alls support. E-mail me, call me, or text me with somce love and encouragement along the way. (You can leave comment lovin' too). Thanks for all your support and love.

<3 Kimmy

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Amanda Lee said...

Thank you for doing this! I am excited to get the opportunity to learn from you on this Ride. We will both be experiencing the Ride from the opposite side this time and it is sure to be an interesting & challenging journey. But I believe in change coming from this just as it did with you and spurred your activism and coming out and with me. I can't wait. You rock! Much love