Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Epic Fail On Blogging The Advedture

Hey Ya'll,
Sorry I did so bad at updating this. The ride was crazy. It kept me far busier then I have ever dreamed. I have so much to process from this ride. It touched my life in profound ways. I learned about myself. I found my voice. I became less afraid. I saw christians show hate masked as love. I saw other Christians show love in ways that touched my soul and brought healing. I was shown love by non-Christians that was more Christ-like then I have seen from many who call themselves Christians. I experienced spiritual violence in a real and painful way. My heart broke for students who are queer going to the colleges as I feel the hate for LGBTQ people on campus. I felt hope because I met awesome allies who care enough to stand up for LGBTQ students at their school. I met fierce LGBTQ students coming out of the closet and finding their own voice. I developed friendships with the other Equality Riders that run deep, they now are family to me. My faith has changed, grown in leaps and bounds. It's hard to know where to begin when I'm at the end.

I am supposed to be looking for work so I'm going to keep this short but I'm sure I'll keep some post ride thoughts and ramblings.


"The" Mary said...

But you're not at the end, your just at the beginning of the next step. :) I'm proud of you! You did something hard and came out of a it a shiny new you. You've expanded your horizons and seen the world in a more "honest" light.

Kimmy said...

I suppose when I said when you're at the end, it's hard to know where to begin, I was meaning it's hard to know where to start blogging.