Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Word Association

On one of the last few bus rides Heather and I started a list of things that remind us of the ride. I started trying to put them into my journal. This is a monified version. I will add a little commentary to the list.

The songs I listened to on the way to schools to mentally prepare myself:

The Way I Are by Timbaland
Spottie Ottie Dopalicious by Outkast
Die Another Day by Madaonna

Others songs I associate with the ride:

Tik Tok by Ke$ha
Smiling Faces Sometimes by The Dramatics
Hey Jude and Let It Be from Across the Universe
Wild Horse I don't know the version we listened to
I Want to Know What Love is by Foreigner

Phrases we like to use:

Saw-reee! (Sorry)
Lama Y'all! (With the ASL sign for Lama raised high in the air)
Get Yo Ass
Trife/Trifflin'/Trife Ball
Fancy Pants/Fancy Bottoms
Jazzy/Jazzy Gem/Jazz Factory
The children are intersecting
Burning, Burning, Burning
Grown Ass Woman/Man/Person
Never in a million years did you imagine....?
Awkward with ASL sign

Things I associate with school visits/:

Love the sinner hate the sin/I love you but....
Polo shirts
Stayed on Equality
Om Shanti
Go Now in Peace
Love love love, Christians this your call, to love your neighbor as yourself, for God loves all

Jam Packed Elevators
Defending my humanity
PGP-Preferred Gender Pronouns
Culture of silence/fear
Clobber Passages
Spiritual Violence
Repent America

Community Stops/Affirming Places

Singing Stayed on Equality to thank people for meals
Safe Churches
Kind people
Community Service Projects
Panels/QPOC Panels
Open Mic Nite/Story Telling/Dancing/Poetry


Long Bus Rides/Dondi/Dondi's Music
Bus Roles
Post Cards
Hotels/Moving Every Few Days
No Personal Space
Buddy System
Sign Language
Subway/fast food
Where Justice Meets Faith
Feelings, LOTS of Feelings!
Community Agreements
Gender Neutral Bathrooms
Plug and Socket
High Femme
My life is a series of awkward moments
Big Queer Bus/Soulforce One

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Stuart said...

omg Kimmy! I can't believe you put Pecos on your list! lol I have to show this to Amanda Lee... >: )